How to use your Social Media Profile more effectively?

We all have our profiles on various social media platforms and remain active there for quite some time every day.

But, are we using our social media profiles effectively? We use social media mainly to get connected with friends and family. But, these days, social media platforms can give you a reach to the people who can be your potential leads. That way, you can use your profile for your professional purposes also.

Let us review once, how you can use your social media profile in a more effective way –

  1. Spend Your Time ONLY On The People You Want To Connect With — No more time wasted on uninterested (or uninteresting) people who won’t buy from you… Get only the people who NEED and WANT what you offer – be it a product or a service.
  2. Full Control Over Speed & Quantity Of Friend Requests — You have complete control over the time interval between requests and the number of requests to perform, to help stay beneath Facebook’s radar!
  3. Message When You Receive A Friend Request — This is an important way to weed out scammers and general time-wasters. Ask them why they requested your friendship before you accept!
  4. Full Control Over Messaging — Set up as many canned messages as you need, so you always have the right message for the right reason. Use Message Groups to rotate among multiple proper messages!

If you are interested to give your social media profile a step ahead, then you can connect with us for our software ‘Friend Connector’. This product is designed to help you save time and energy and get ahead. DM us to know more 🙂

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