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In this digital era, the most important catalyst of our lives is social media. We literarily breathe on various social media platforms and share the slices of our lives every day.

Amongst all the social media platforms, Facebook is the ultimate ruler, which has more than 2.85 billion active users globally. Hence, ever since its inception, time and again, Facebook has proven to be the largest marketplace for any business – from the perspectives of the business owners as well as the buyers. Hence, a company – irrespective of its product or service – must pay attention to Facebook’s huge potential customer base.

“We understand how important it is for every business owner to reach out to their target audiences. Facebook is a ready-made market for every business and is growing bigger with each passing day. Keeping this primary factor in mind, we have come up with our new flagship product – Friender. Friender is an automated organic marketing tool that entrepreneurs and business houses can use to connect with their potential leads and subsequently, grow the business. With Friender, they can easily create and manage their organic marketing campaigns on Facebook, saving valuable time and energy. Also, the software has a very powerful tracking and reporting feature that gives insights about the campaigns so that the business owners and houses can see what’s working and adjust accordingly. This, will ensure better growth for the business, which means better revenue and financial growth and more freedom” said Ms. Aunkita Nandi, Co-founder / Managing Director, of Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

But how Friender is different from other marketing software products? Let us peep dipper into the UNIQUENESS that the software offers –

EngagementFriender keeps on tracking user engagement (reactions, messages, comments, etc) with their friends and vice versa. Based on this the AI of the software suggests the next course of action, that can have better engagement.

Gamification Friender is able to track every step to check user activities on the platform through the onboarding and getting started process. This in turn offers rewards points on completion of every step. The reward points can be used later for some benefits in the campaigns.

Time To Value Friender works on automation actions that are actually targeting to reduce the enormous time for the users by bringing them out from the traditional way of engaging manually. With more time in hand, the users can have more time to enhance the product/service line or spend as per their individual wishes.

CRM – Friender offers a full-phased FB-based CRM where users can nurture their individual friends or targeted leads.

AI Chatbot – Powerful AI-based chatbot that allows users to easily broadcast bulk messages. This helps the users to keep in touch with their leads in a better and more structured way.

As entrepreneurs, we kept on facing some challenges to identify and reach out to our prospective leads. We used to feel helpless at times too. That is the primary reason for conceptualizing a software product like Friender.

We know the exact problems that a business owner can face and we also know how to overcome the problems, because we have our own ‘been there and done that’ moments too. So, we have built Friender not only with a lot of love, but also from a lot of practical experiences too. And, we sincerely hope that just like the other Tier5 software products that are loved by more than 15,000 customers globally – Friender too, will be proven beneficial to them and will become their best friend in growing the business.

The beta version of Friender is already launched and you can visit for details.

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